2018 Semi-Finals & Finals

The following matches are scheduled to start at 14:00

KL Division 2 Final at Windsor & Eton on Saturday 18th August

Morland v Royal Household

Umpire: Delphine Perkin, KL Rep: Chris Goss, Club Contact: Richard Heathman

KLV Division 1 Semi-Finals at Woodley on Thursday 23rd August

Tilehurst A v Maidenhead Town A

Thatcham A v Suttons A

Umpire: Paul Meluish,  KL Rep: Nigel Cabeldu,  Club Contact: Stuart Gentle

KLV Division 2 Semi-Finals at Desborough on Thursday 23rd August

Morland v Three Mile Cross B

Suttons B v Windsor & Eton B

Umpire: Harry Bainbridge, KL Rep: Grant Oxtoby, Club Contact: Geoff Lofthouse

KLV Division 3 Final at Faringdon on Thursday 23rd August

Kingston B&S v Hurst

Umpire: John Youngman, KL Rep: Richard Sambell, Club Contact: Trevor Durrant

The following program of matches is scheduled to start at 09:30 on Sunday 9th September at Wokingham

KL Division 1 Final        Tilehurst A v Reading A

KLV Division 1 Final

KLV Division 2 Final

Umpires: Delphine Perkin & Paul Meluish.  KL Rep: All.  Club Contact: Len Cooke