KLV Rules

1. Each team shall consist of three triples. Each game to be played over 18 ends. Two points to each triple for a win. One point to each triple for a draw. Four points to the team with the highest aggregate of shots. Two points for each team if the match is tied. Total number of points available is ten.

2. (a) A draw for rinks to take place 15 minutes before start time after which the players may commence their trial ends.

(b) All matches to commence not later than 2.00pm, the start of the game being when the jack is delivered after the trial ends. Late players may join the game up to this point.

(c) Green fees are to be paid by the home club.

3. (a) All competitors must wear the same regulation dress for all matches. White shirts, or coloured shirts that have been approved by the RCBBA, above the waist, grey trousers and regulation bowling shoes for all games played in a league format.

(b) Dress code for the Semi finals and Final shall be decided by the Management Committee.

(c) It is expected that competitors in league matches would have their bowls identified by their club stickers.

4. (a) The league will be divided into 4 sections – East, Central East, Central West and West with Central East and West consisting of three divisions, East and Central West two divisions. Promotion and relegation between the 3/2 divisions will be two up and two down each season.

(b) Each club will play each other home and away during the season.

(c) All matches including all those re-arranged under rule 11 must be completed to allow at least 7 days before the relevant finals stages commence unless there are exceptional circumstances and approval has been granted by the management committee.

(d) Any new sides joining the league will be placed into division two/three of their section, subject to review by the Management Committee taking into account all factors including geographical locations.

(e) The winners of the four sections will play each other in semi finals with the winners of the two semi finals proceeding to a final. The winners of the two third division areas will play directly in a final.

(f) In the event of a default by any team their place in the semi final shall be filled by the next team in the order of merit according to the forgoing rule.

5. Matches are to be played on a regular weekly format as devised by the KL Management Committee with the playing day within that week determined by the home club. Dates of fixtures must be sent to the Results Officer by February 28th.

6. (a) The Official Match Result Card must be signed by BOTH captains and retained by the Home Team. The opposing captain will also add the e-mail address of his club contact. The home team will be responsible for transferring the information into an electronic spreadsheet compatible with Microsoft Excel format.

(b) Any results submitted with incorrect information are liable to the imposition of penalty points

(c) The electronic format of the result card will then be submitted to the Result Officer and copied to the opposing team’s contact.

7. If the Match Result is received later than two days after the match was played then the home side may have two points deducted from its total.

8. In the event of sides tied for any position in the League the higher placed will be the side with the greater shots difference or if still tied the greater total of shots scored.

9. (a) All members of a competing club who are 55 years old or over on the 1 st of April in the current year are eligible to play in KLV matches.

(b) If a club that has more than one KLV team, any player can play for any team with the proviso that if they play four times for a higher team they may not then play for a lower team for the remainder of the season. For example, playing four matches for Team B makes a player ineligible to play for Team C.

(c) If a bowler’s club does not have a KLV team, he may play for another club, of which he is a bona-fide member, in the KLV. (NB: a bona-fide member is a Life or fully paid-up playing member of a club).

10. In the event of a team fielding an ineligible player the points of the triple in which he played shall be conceded to the opposing team plus ten shots along with the four points for the match result.

11. (a) In the event of a match being abandoned due to adverse weather, if a minimum of 27 ends have been completed irrespective of the number of ends played on individual rinks, then the result will stand on the scores of each rink at the time the match was abandoned and the end completed.

(b) An Official Match Result Card must still be sent in stating the scores and the number of ends played for each rink at the time of abandonment.

(c) For matches not commenced or less than 27 ends completed, the home team must, within 48 hours, offer three alternative dates, one of which has to be accepted within 48 hours. The Results Officer to be notified of the replay date.

(d) Matches with less than 27 ends completed will be voided and must be replayed from scratch.

(e) Matches rearranged to be played within the last three weeks of the season, must be referred to the Management Committee for approval.

(f) If a club does not fulfil a fixture the defaulting club shall forfeit the match and concede 10 points and 30 shots to their opponents. In this event the league will consider the circumstances of the default to decide whether further action, including exclusion, should be taken against the club.

12. (a) If a team arrives with one triple short (i.e. two or more players short) the two points plus 15 shots shall be conceded to the opposing triple.

(b) Should only two members of a triple be present at the start of the game, play will commence with each of the 2 members of the team playing with four bowls each and their 3 opponents playing with three bowls each.

(c) The team who has won the toss and decided to cast the jack or has won the previous end will always place the mat and cast the jack (subject to the Laws of the Sport regarding miscast jacks) but the team with 3 players will always bowl first and have the last bowl.

(d) At the end of the game the team with only 2 players will forfeit one quarter of their total score including decimal points.

(e) A third player may join the team with only 2 players prior to the commencement of the 4th end. Players may only join play at the commencement of an end and not at any point part way through an end. Play will then return to normal triples play and no shots will be forfeited.

(f) If both sides have are one player short at the start of a match then this game will be played as a pairs game with each player playing four bowls each. A third player will not be allowed at any time to join either team. Rule 12 (d) will not apply in this situation. A draw for rinks must still take place with the pair against the pair and the two remaining triples drawn as usual.

(g) In the event of a player being injured or falling sick during a match, whereby he is unable to continue, an eligible substitute player shall be allowed to take his place (in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls).

(h) If there is no eligible substitute player available then play may continue under rule 12 (b), (c) & (d) with the one quarter deduction applying from the last completed end after the player left the green.

(h) Points will be awarded in accordance with Rule 1 subject to any deduction of score in accordance with Rule 12(d).

13. (a) The semi-finals and finals will be played on a date and venue to be decided by the Management Committee.

(b) At no stage will a side be allowed to commence a semi-final or final with less than three triples.

(c) The result of the semi finals & finals games will be decided by aggregate shots. In the event of a tie each triple will play an extra end or ends until a result is determined.

14. The winning team will receive a trophy at the end of the season to be held for one year.

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