Benevolent Fund



BENEVOLENT FUND : 2020 Triples Championship
(inaugurated 28th November 1931)


A. Bartter (Hungerford  BC)

R.E. Fenner (Three Mile Cross B.C.)

D. Parsonson (Thatcham B.C.)


J. Snook

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer

R.E. Fenner

Telephone: 0118 942 6362


A. Bartter                                 Hungerford B.C.

R Fenner                                  Three Mile Cross B C

D. Parsonson                          Thatcham B.C.

J. Snook                                   Reading B.C.

R. Heathman                          Windsor & Eton B.C.

T Durrant                                Faringdon B C

G Boucher                               Didcot B C


1.      This Fund is for the sole purpose of granting aid to bowlers and their dependants who from age, illness or infirmity or any other cause which the Committee consider worthy of financial assistance.

2.      The Fund is to be governed by three Trustees comprised of the Chairman, the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer (Combined Office) and one other Committee Member.  The Committee is not to exceed seven members in total.  All appointments to be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting of the County Association.

3.      Applications for assistance will normally be submitted by the Committee of the Club of which the applicant is or was a Member but may also be recommended by the appointed liaison person of the Club in question.

4.      The names of persons seeking assistance to be disclosed only to the Benevolent Committee and regarded as strictly confidential.

5.      The Chairman or Secretary of the Fund shall report on the work of the Fund, including an independently examined statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting of the County Association.

6.      The Financial Year of the Fund shall coincide with that of the County Association.

7.      An independently examined copy of accounts together with a list of subscribers shall be published annually.