Green Inspections

Green Inspections

  The aim of the Inspection Programme is to endeavour to bring the greens of affiliated clubs to an acceptable standard. This should enable all club members to play National, County and Club competitions on equal terms. 


It is hoped in each case that the Inspection Team will consist of 2 members of the men’s Association and one from the ladies Association.  The Inspection Visit will either be in the morning or afternoon.  Usually a morning Inspection will start at 10am and an afternoon Inspection at 2pm. 


The Criteria for arranging green inspections will either be on the basis of routine inspection or as a result of complaints.  The Inspection Team will consist of a combination of officers, selectors, umpires a representative of the Berkshire County Women’s B.A and the Greens Maintenance Representative if he is available. 

Routine inspection visits will be made during the first few weeks of the season, visits resulting from matters of complaint will be at any time during the season, the same Inspection Team may not visit every club. 


Clubs will be required to advise the County Hon. General Secretary prior to an inspection of their rink markings or settings for National and County Competitions and other information regarding the green to assist the inspection team.  Once the green has been inspected, rink markings or settings must not be changed without prior approval, any change may require a further inspection. Prior to the inspection the County Hon General Secretary will send a form to each Club Secretary whose green is to be inspected. This form will require rink markings or settings to be shown on a fact sheet along with other details of dimensions relating to the length of the green, banks, ditches and ditch fill material. 

Every rink marker or setting used for National and County Competitions will be tested in both directions of play. 

It will be necessary for a club official or the green keeper to be present whilst the inspection is in progress, Mats and Jacks will be required.  Depending on the rink settings used by the club, the green inspectors will discuss with the club representative their requirements to conduct the inspection. 

The Inspection Team will check all the measurements and dimensions, (other than the playing area), previously provided to the County Hon. General Secretary by the club. 

The banks and ditches must comply with the ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls, i.e. the ditch must have a holding surface in the bottom, both Bank and Ditches must not be injurious to Jack or Bowls.  The Ditch shall not be less than 200 mm nor more than 380 mm wide and it shall not be less than 50 mm nor more than 200 mm deep Law 47).  The Bank shall not be less than 230 mm above the level of the green, preferably upright, or alternatively at an angle of not more than 35 degrees from the perpendicular (Law 48). 

The width of each rink should also comply with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Law 49).

They will look to see if there are any turf problems. Bowls will be rolled both ways on each rink mark or setting to ascertain whether the green surface is flat and allowing the bowls to run freely: –

(a) Without bounce.

(b) Without running against the bias.

(c) That there is no slope of the surface close to the ditches. 


When the inspection has been completed a member of the Inspection Team will give a verbal report to the club representative. A certificate will be forwarded from the County General Secretary within 14 days, this will be based on the Inspection Teams findings, the certificate will indicate if there are any problems existing and if any Rink(s) or settings require work or are not to be used for National and County Competitions. 


If a club for any reason feel the Inspection Report is not factual, is unfair, or the green or some of the rinks have been closed for competition play unjustifiably then the club may make an appeal in writing to the County General Secretary. In such circumstances the County General Secretary will arrange for another Inspection to be carried out, In the case of an appeal the decision of the first Inspection Team will stand until a further inspection has been carried out.