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A Short History of the Association

The Berkshire County Bowling Association was formed in 1910 having developed from the Reading & District Association who had previously developed the game with distinction in Berkshire and in South Oxfordshire.  Indeed the Reading and District Association were represented at international level from 1905 to 1908. 

Berkshire has provided several Presidents of the English Bowling Association over the last 100 years. Harry Childs (1912), T Campbell-Dykes (1942-45), Eric Marsh (1974) and Roy Thomas (1991) Wayne Manley 2002. 

T Campbell-Dykes President of The English Bowling Association during most of the second world war years was President of Berkshire from 1929 until 1961.  A feat that with some certainty one could say will never be repeated. 

Berkshire have had some success in the Middleton Cup over the years.  We were finalists in 1922 and 2011, semi-finalists in 1954 and quarter-finalists in 1977 and 2000.  Our greatest moments however  have come in 1982 & 2013 when we won the coveted trophy, a moment all those involved will cherish. 

We have also provided our fair share of national champions over the years and have two current full internationals Robert Newman who became England’s youngest international in 1995 & Andrew Knapper who became a Senior International in 2013.

In addition B J Byles & Lloyd Sabatini have both become Junior International’s in recent years.  Following our 90th anniversary in the millennium year and as a result of permission from Her Majesty the Queen we changed our title to The Royal County of Berkshire Bowling Association.